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Why we do what we do for you...

Since ancient times, man has made soap.  The oldest soap found was dated to 2800 B.C.  Today, natural soaps are sodium or potassium salts of fatty acids, originally and still made by boiling lard or other animal fat (such as cattle and sheep) together with lye or potash with “fragrance” thrown in at the end of the process.   Most mass-produced soap manufacturers continue this ancient and mindless practice even in the face of the last 25 year’s efforts towards ecological evolution.  

That process adds the senseless and unnecessary ingredient of animal fat when in fact research has proven that plant fat is much kinder and healthier for everyone concerned.   Although it is a bit more difficult and expensive to render vegetable, nut and other botanical fats it is a measure we believe is well worth taking.   Today’s science has eased the burden of that effort and the market gladly welcomes the use of these kinder products.   We exclusively use plant based ingredients.

Vegetable based soaps are better for your skin because they are gentle and contain nutrients and vitamins rich in antioxidants, which are known to reduce the deterioration of skin cells.   It is more natural for your skin to absorb the nutrients brought by plants rather than by animal.  Consider this.  How long does it take your body to process a steak versus a salad?  If you are a meat eater you will know it is exponentially slower to process the meat while the salad breaks down quickly and delivers the intended nutrients. 

Some of the oils, fats and butters that we use include olive oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, and other whole botanical ingredients.  We use these oils specifically because they are skin-soothing and draw moisture into the skin.  With the addition of essential oils from our herbs and garden vegetables, it is a wonderful experience to use our soaps and lotions. 

Our customers have said that our soaps offer a wonderful skin healing quality that can soften and reduce inflammation from a wide variety of skin conditions, including severe dryness, eczema, psoriasis and allergic skin reactions.  It is always important to test a small spot on the inside of your arm to make certain that you will not respond adversely especially with children under a year.  We have had remarkable success with our Baby Cakes line for children who even seem to be “fragrance” sensitive.   If you have any questions regarding this information please feel free to contact us.  Every ingredient no matter how minute is included on the package. 

We do not use synthetic dyes in our soaps.  The soaps naturally turn different colors inherited by the ingredients.  Ylang Ylang is a rich terra cotta color because of the rose hip powder that we add to soothe muscles.  Basil, Sage & Oakmoss is green because of the basil oil.  From week to week if you order the Basil soap you will see color variations as the plants mature.  You will never see a purple bar of Lavender Soap from Apothecarie Brand because lavender oil is a slight green depending on the time of harvest.   We do not use a “color stabilizer” when we use vanilla which most soap makers do because vanilla causes soap to become a toffee color.  No one can grow the stabilizer in their garden so we embrace that color uniqueness in our Pear & Vanilla soap.

We do use whole, chopped and ground herbs and spices which you will readily see in your Apothecarie Brand soaps.   They are also used in the lotions but are strained out before bottling for convenience of use.

As you can see, what we do and do not use is very carefully considered for you before you make your selection.  Each ingredient goes through rigorous scrutiny and is first tested on our friends and family.  They are always happy to help us with this process and we are grateful to them.  We do all this because it is the difference that we want to make in the world.  You have a right to healthful and healthy skin care products and we have the privilege of providing that for you and for our planet. 

We make kind soap.   That’s what we do and we love it.


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