Apothecarie Brand Company Handmade Vegan Soaps and Lotions
Our Sales Philosophy...

Apothecarie Brand Company was established to support the idea that living an authentic life is a choice that can be made every day in everything that we do; that naturally extends to our business practice and in the way that we treat each other. 

We are guided by kindness.

We are kind to animals.

We are resolved to help eradicate the use of harmful chemicals, animal fat and by-products from animals that cause them harm or destroy them, ingredients acquired by slave labor and the practice of deforestation in making soap.  These are the practices of other companies who mass-produce detergent disguised as soaps and they are unfair.  Through education and by offering kinder and more authentic alternatives, we will change the way that people think about something as simple and as necessary as a bar of soap.

We are kind to each other.

Wecelebrate the contribution and value of all people in our supply chain and recognize the dignity of each person and organization in our interactions and relationships. We believe that people have a right to participate in the decisions that affect their lives based on open sharing of information.

Supporting local farmers makes a difference. Maryland farms, farms the world-over are in jeopardy ever day though they are important in our lives.  Our team supports independent organic farmers by purchasing their products faithfully within season. 

Some of the exotic soap butters and essential oils that we use are tropical and we cannot grow them in our gardens or find them locally.  We use this opportunity to extend ourselves to the world’s fair-trade market.  There is a wealth of global farmers in need of our support and we are in need of the plants that they harvest.  We appreciate that the relationships we have with our global fair-trade farmers are as important to them as they are to us.

We are kind to the Earth.

We are lacavores.  That is not exclusive to just the food we eat, it is extended in the way that we make our purchases as well. We always encourage our customers to buy local whenever possible! Supporting our neighbors, distributors and reducing uneccessary waste from the shipping industry is one of our guiding principles.

Our entire team is committed to zero-waste.  We recycle in our homes, our Port Deposit, Maryland store and in our studio.  We compost all the organic matter that we can’t use which then becomes soil for our gardens.  We repurpose whenever possible.  The added effort to pre-cycle is one we find worthy of our energy.  Whenever possible we purchase 80%+ post-consumer containers and wrapping. 

When we decided to open a retail store, we looked for a community with existing unused space that could use our care and attention.  We have found that Port Deposit, Maryland is not only welcoming to conscientious business people but are also wonderfully supportive.  As active members of the Port Deposit Chamber of Commerce, we look forward to returning the kindness. 


We think and act both locally and globally.

We donate to three (3) local food banks in our community and we look forward to adding more riends and families.  This economy has put many people in a greater state of need than ever and we are grateful for the opportunity to make them feel a little better about the day ahead. Good soap can do that. 

A percentage of our proceeds are donated to Kiva Loans.  We especially enjoy donating to companies who share our goals and philosophies but give to the most urgent.    We urge you, whenever possible to participate in this program or you can simply consider yourself engaged in the project in every purchase that you make with us. 


Not-so Business as Usual

We are joined by a passionate collective of shop owners who share a similar mission and philosophy and have become part of the Apothecarie family.  These conscientious people are listed on our Locate page.   We support them and their desire to practice business in a kind and thoughtful way and we hope that you will patronize them whenever possible  If you share in our philosophy, we encourage serious wholesale inquiries.   We look forward to talking with you about how we might fit with your company and the difference in the world your company makes.  Together we can offer authentic choices. 

We are one world. 

We believe that there is a great need for our plant-based products. People are making better choices every day.  We have become more educated in the choices available to us in order to live more authentically.  We have made the effort to choose kindness first for each other and our planet by demanding alternatives to business as usual.   We find inspiration and value in everyday things as we learn to listen to each other and our true selves.  Every member of the Apothecarie Brand team recognizes these positive changes in the world and is committed to supporting that effort through our business practices and our products.


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