Apothecarie Brand Company Handmade Vegan Soaps and Lotions

Outreach Programs

At Apothecarie Brand Company we believe in the importance of sharing. Sharing our values, our knowledge and our healthy respect for the environment and the people we share this world with is a key mission of our founder.

We welcome the opportunity to share our principles and demonstrate how they can benefit program participants. Our programs combine a variety of topics from conservation and recycling, horticulture and environmental protection, and of course the art and craft of soap making. While we will not share our closely guarded family recipes for success, we guarantee participants with have a new appreciation for the world we live in upon completion of a program custom developed for your group or audience.

If you are interested in having an Apothecarie team member attend/participate in your lecture, workshop or science-oriented program, you are welcome to contact us with your dates and information.  (We especially love working with garden clubs as well as students in home-school programs.)

If you are interested in setting up a program with our company, please contact us.




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