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American Horticulture Society

American Horticulture Society

Since 1922, the AHS is oldest national gardening organizations in the country and we are proud to be members. 

Herb Society of America

Herb Society of America

Our National Herb Society promotes and educates in the field of horticultural excellence in all things herbal.  The National Herb Garden in Washington, DC is a wonderful place for relaxing and learning about all of the medicinal, culinary, and aromatic useful herbs.  It is inspirational. (Member since 1986.)

Kurt Bluemel

Kurt Bluemel, Inc.

A wholesale trade-only nursery with an amazing web site that is informative whether you are a hobby gardener or nursery owner.  Incredible array of plant material and a major source for our Wild Grass and Sweet Bamboo oil.

Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association

Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association

The MNLA offers excellence in horticultural education and certification for professional horticulturists who meet those standards.  Please ask for and patronize nurseries and garden centers that have CPH’s among their staff.  They are trained to offer you alternatives to chemicals and can help enrich your gardening success. (Member since 2006.)

mountian rose herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs

Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has been known for its uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture and steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products



This is where you can find information on pesticide-free alternatives among many other sources of information on a healthier commitment to living chemical free.

Port Deposit

This is the town that we selected over so many others to open the first Apothecarie Brand Co. Shop. It is full of history, art and music to enjoy.

Port Deposit Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is a group of kind civic-minded people who support the success of ethical commerce in this small historic town.



Find low-impact travel, vegan and organic recipes, and other information to support light-footed living on our planet



Fair World Project

Fairworld Project

Provides information on fair trade for a better world

Kiva Loans

Kiva Loans

We support this organization and make business to business loans as often as possible



Promotes global positivity and issue awareness



Beyond Fossil Fuels

Beyond Fossil Fuels

Since knowledge is power here is a list of alternative fuels that you might consider for your home or business

Grey Goose Graphics

Grey Goose Graphics

Providing reduced carbon foot-prints for companies everywhere.  Creating or improving your on line presence is a click away.

Indian Vegan

Traditional definitions of vegetarian, vegan and kindness to the Earth.

Clear Air

One Feather Creative

Handmade & blessed space clearing kits are charged with good juju and ready to help clear the air around you.

The Kind Life

This website is a fantastic resource for those who want to delve deeper into the world of healthy, green, eco-friendly living.

The Preppy Life

The Preppy Life

Fun Blog and loyal Apothecarie Brand Co. Supporter

Toms Shoes

Tom’s Shoes

Our team wears these shoes and we love them and the movement associated with them.


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