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Apothecarie Brand Co. hand makes kind products.

We offer authentic hand made, seasonal and botanical vegan soaps, lotions and other organic products.

Each botanical recipe is made with only the freshest ingredients from our own chemical-free gardens, local organic farms or with harvested material from fair-trade markets. We use the richest, healthiest, most luxurious plants, oils and vegetable butters available.  For over 18 years, we have been making authentic botanical products this way because we are passionate about it.  Once you try Apothecarie Brand Co. products you will share our passion.  The decadence that your skin will experience and the natural healing of both body and mind, will forever change your thoughts about a simple bar of soap or bottle of lotion.  There are gentle but intoxicating fragrances that will send you into botanical bliss. 

Our mission is to be kind and to express that value in our products.  We believe that the most essential ingredient in all of our recipes is kindness.  Every decision that we make is weighed against this core value and it shows through.  We are committed to making the most luxurious and healthiest botanical products causing no harm to any living thing on our planet, committing zero waste and supporting local farmers and the fair-trade market. 

We are serious about every choice that we make because you have a right to a healthful and authentic life and we have the privilege of providing products that support that.  Our products are available close by or on-line because we prefer to tread lightly on our planet.  Please look for our products in your local area.  Ask for them at your local fair-trade market, Bed and Breakfast, favorite garden center or any other ecologically conscious shop.  They will proudly direct you to Apothecarie Brand Co. product line. 

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